Curious about the History of HSM? Let’s interview the founder, Russ Rogers. 

Interview by A.Smith. 

Smith: Russ, when you look back, when was your first glimpse of HSM? 

Russ: "In 2003, a co-worker and a dear friend of mine twisted my arm to get me to go on a mission trip.  While I went on the trip kicking and screaming (not really), I came back a different person. God touched me in a huge way and I guess, as they say, the rest is history. HS Missions was simply help and change lives in the process.  Not changing in a small way, but in a large way where people’s focus is now on Kingdom living."

Smith: So how does this play out when you’re on project sites? What are your teams doing? 

Russ: "Since day one, we have been helping people with their spiritual and physical  needs by providing food, clothing and shelter to families. God shared with me that if I would get out of His way, allow Him to operate, He would change lives like I could never imagine.  I have done my best to stay out of God’s way and God has certainly held up his end of the bargain and arrived in a huge way. When people experience God moving and work alongside others to do the work of the body of Christ, lives are changed forever."

Smith: I’ve heard that HSM openly focuses on not only the recipients for the service projects, but the teams themselves. How does that work?

Russ:  "We’ve seen people, young and old, completely turn their lives around through these mission trips and what God laid on my heart was…."wouldn’t it be neat to have more people experience the same!” 

They have turned their lives around not because they were living immoral lives, but rather once they see that the God they read about in the Bible is the same one they have today, and what the disciples experienced in the Bible is something we can and should experience today, their perspective on life completely changes….toward God in a huge way."

Smith: That’s amazing. So you really believe this type of work is life changing? 

Russ:  "We have seen God come in a big way that I could finish the afternoon sharing with you all that He has done."


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