HSM abides by the "teach a man to fish" approach. 

We know that we can be most effective when we create lasting, sustainable good in the communities we serve. So we partner with local heroes who have already built the foundation. These might be missionaries, doctors, nurses, social workers, or churches who can carry on the work after we step away.

Some of our work is construction, and some of our work is medical care. But you don't have to be a doctor or a contractor to join our teams. In fact, many of our volunteers have no prior experience. Your only prerequisite is a heart to serve and a willingness to help people! 


Below is a story about one of our trips:

"While in Belize we prayed about where to go that particular day. Our plan each day was to not plan so that we could allow the Holy Spirit to do the planning for us. In doing so, we found this village and drove by dozens of homes (better described as shacks) and knew God told us to go to a certain house. Keep in mind that we had never been in that place in our life….had no idea where we were yet we knew that in the jungles of Central America there was a house in which we were supposed to visit…. and we found it. We exited the van and since God sent us, we asked who we guessed to be the father, what is it that you need? He lined up his four children and said, “Our children desperately need shoes.” I responded with, “Well, we don’t have any shoes, but is there anything else you need from us?” He replied saying, “No, we really need shoes.”   In an effort find him something; we began digging through our backpacks to perhaps find toys, a Bible, or something to give them. We were out of pretty much everything and really were confident we didn’t have, of all things…shoes. However, we started scrambling through everyone’s back pack and to everyone’s surprise, there were some shoes…..brand new shoes…..and we had only four pairs of shoes…and when we laid the shoes in front of each of the children, we realized we just experienced a miracle. They were exact fits for all four children.  Wow….isn’t God amazing!"

 "Back in the United States, we found ourselves putting a roof on a lady’s house that leaked as if there was no roof on the house. In chatting with her one day, she said “My roof leaks so bad that it’s ruining everything, keeping me sick, and really just makes a huge mess. I asked several organizations to help me but none of them ever did so I finally prayed to God and said, ‘God, you know I need a new roof and I’m going to leave it up to you to fix my roof’….and God sent you (HS Missions) to replace my roof.”

"Just this year while on a trip to an Indian reservation in New Mexico, I was in Saudi Arabia for my work just a mere week before we were to leave. While I was in Saudi Arabia, where we were staying changed to a different place which really needed our help. The new place where God was obviously sending us needed a lot of money to get the work completed and quite frankly, they had none. In light of that, a week before we had to go, God said….”I know you don’t have the money to send….but send it anyway.” Sooooooooooo, I emailed someone to send the money ahead of us knowing if God didn’t come through, we were in a heap of trouble. As you can imagine, three days before we left, we received a check for $1000, another for $500…and several other checks. There is more to this story, but in summary, we actually ended up spending an extra $1500 helping the people on top of all the money we had already sent. To share just how amazing God is, we actually had money left over."

"It’s one thing to watch a basketball game. There’s another to actually play in it. There’s one thing to talk about marriage, it’s another to actually “be” in a marriage. It’s one thing to watch surgery on TV but it’s another to actually be in the operating room."

"It’s one thing to learn about God but it’s another to actually experience God. It’s one thing to read about an experience with God, it’s another to actually be standing there when those shoes came out of our back packs and were placed at the feet of those four Belizean children. It’s one thing to know God works through people and it’s another to be sitting there listening to this teary eyed elderly lady share about how God sent us to put a roof on her house."

There comes such a peace when you are a part of God’s plan. (Check out John 14: 12-14)

Can you stand a couple of more stories?

 "We were headed for another trip to Belize for a mission trip and our sponsor of several thousand dollars backed out two weeks before we were to depart. I knew God wanted us to go but in reality, no matter how much God wanted us to go, He was going to have to come up with the funds because we just couldn’t show up at the airport and say God Bless you and walk on the plane….they would arrest us."

"We were to leave on Thursday morning and on Monday we had no cash. I received an email from someone who said “Is everything okay for the trip?” I responded with “Sure….all is great!”   Okay…I lied. But hey, I was relying on God to come through. The response back was, “For some reason God is telling me that there is some financial issues with the trip and I want to help”. I thought wow….how amazing! I responded with the story that we were not going to get the four to five thousand dollars and we began to pray. Without sending begging emails and letters to the masses, people from all over the country started sending money. They wired it, mailed it, and brought cash by and by Wednesday night we had all but a few hundred dollars and we were ready to board the plane the following morning at 6:00am. Although we were short cash, we new God had a plan for the rest. When we were going through customs, we were going to have to pay a few hundred dollars to get through because we had so much stuff/medicines, clothes, medical supplies, etc.   When we walked over to the guy in charge who was looking at our ‘stuff’, he asked what it was and motioned with his head to move on. NO CHARGE. NADA. Nuttin."

"On the way out of Belize we were supposed to be charged an exit fee…with all the people there, it would have been a few hundred dollars. When we arrived at the airport…signs everywhere noting the exit fee……for us…….they said “No exit fee. We are showing it had already been paid”.

Romans 8……. "but you received the spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, Abba, Father."

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